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Braveheart "Gracie"
August 2014

Our Braveheart this month is Gracie Cadzow, a sweet two year old domestic shorthair cat.

Gracie was presented to the Clinic after she returned home with nasty looking injuries to her forelegs. if only cats could talk!

On her consultation with Dr Emma Guy, Gracie was clearly in pain and was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment for shock, pain and a full evaluation. Once Gracie was stabilised she was given a careful anaesthetic so the extent of the damage could be assessed.

Her left leg unfortunately had a "degloving injury" where the skin is literally stripped of the limb like a glove. She also had a dislocated toe on her xrays. The outlook for Gracies paw was not good as crushing injuries can often cause irreverible damage to blood flow. After discussion with Gracies owners it was decided to surgically repair the injuries in the hope of saving her leg. Gracie was kept on supportive intravenous fluids by infusion pump and antibiotics.

Unfortunately after 48 hours it was apparent that Gracie was still not happy and the dressings were removed to assess her leg again. Sadly the blood circulation to the leg had not returned adequately and Gracie's foot would become gangrenous if left and make her very unwell.

The difficult decision was made to amputate Gracies leg just below the shoulder joint. Dr Emma Guy performed the procedure and very rapidly Gracie was alot happier in herself, eating, grooming and smooching with staff.

Gracie was discharged to continue recovery at home after a good nights rest in the hospital.

Gracie continued to thrive on her three legs and quickly regained coordinationand balance. She is such a brave little cat and surprised us all. Gracies's family has reported that she is getting around better than ever, three legs hasn't slowed her down one bit!