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May 2014

Welcome Kara

With Evana now back to her big life adventure in Spain we needed someone special to fill her shoes. We think Kara is just that person with her infectiously happy and caring personality she will fit well into the team. In fact some of you might fondly remember Kara from some years ago when she was previously with us before moving away with her fiancee, due to his career in the air force.

New Xray Machine

We are now the proud owners of a high end Sedecal Xray machine and table imported all the way from Spain. This is an absolute joy to work with. The four way floating table and built in exposure factors means that taking xrays is quicker and is much less frustrating to get that perfect view. With it's high power and our digital processing, taking retake xrays is a thing of the past. This means better xrays with your pet under anaesthesia for less time.

PACS system

This is really cool. We now have a way to save and indefinitely store all our digital images. Even better is we have access to them on the consultation room computers to show you the results of tests performed on your pet.

Currently this is not only for standard digital xrays but also for dental digital xrays and our endoscopy images. We hope to add ultrasound images and movie clips soon.

Hyperthyroidism medications for cats

There has been a challenging period for managing cats with overactive thyroid glands due to medication unavailability. This has been frustrating for owners and embarrasing for Vets. Initially there was the permanent unavailabilty of neomercazole tablets followed by unavailability of Vidalta tablets and then a temporary withdrawal of the transdermal product HyperT.

Currently Vidalta tablets are back in both strengths. For those cat owners that prefer to avoid pills we have a compounded product similar to the HyperT to use in the mean time. Some owners have transferred to the dietary iodine control food Hills y/d with good effect.

Thanks for your patience.