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September 2014

Game changing Vessel Sealing Technology now available in New Zealand

You may not be aware but your Vet clinic has been at the forefront of introducing a number of new advances in pet Veterinary care to New Zealand. The "Ligasure" vessel sealing device will be another first for us.

This super cool device provides a real paradigm shift in surgical technique. With radiofrequency energy being computer controlled 3000 times a second tissue can be fused and cut without burning. This means blood vessels as large as 7mm wide can be permanently sealed without ligatures or clips. This results in less pain and a quicker and safer surgery.

We recently had an ideal patient to benefit from this equipment for the first time in a dog that required surgical removal of a 2.2kg mass associated with its spleen. This was a WOW moment! Normally with a splenectomy numerous blood vessels need to be painstakingly tied off with the worry that one may come loose after surgery with internal bleeding resulting. With the new ligasure instrument we could rapidly and safely seal and cut all the necessary tissue without tying off a single vessel! It's now hard to imagine doing this procedure any other way. 

If you would like a little more information google "Ligasure small jaw animation" for  a non gory summary of one of our instruments.

Weight management with Kirsten

We all know it is a challenge to loose weight! After a long wet winter of inactivity it is a good time to assess whether your pets weight may be impacting on its quality of life and long term health.

Hills pet nutrition have recently released a break through weight management product called Hills Metabolic for both cats and dogs. The feed back and results from this product have been really excellent.

To make the most of a product like this a program to accurately assess your pets target weight and follow and encourage your progress is invaluable. Nurse Kirsten is our nutritional advisor and has the resources to set you and your pet up to succeed. Best of all her efforts are a free service for our clients only.

Latest upgrade to our Laboratory

We have upgraded our haematology equipment that evaluates red and white blood cells to the IDEXX procyte DX. This is the most advanced Veterinary in house hamatology analyser available today. It provides reference laboratory accuracy and an increased range of information about your pets health. Reticulocytes and band cells may not mean much to you but for us this is gold when assessing a sick pet. Amazingly these results are ready in only three minutes!

We were also the first clinic to have our laboratory backed up by cloud software. This means easy emailing of results, graphs of previous results and instant viewing on an ipad or other device.

Reception makeover

On your next visit you may notice we have given the reception area a little makeover with a nice new paint job and a revamp of our seating. The seats were a little low so we have had them remade at a more comfortable height.

Stay warm and see you soon

From all the team at the Clinic