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Braveheart "Tana"
April 2014

Tana's toothy troubles

Tana came to the Clinic to see Doctor Sarah for a routine check up and vaccination. His owner noticed that he had lost some weight recently. Apart from intermittently bad breath he appeared normal. The family had moved house recently so a little weight loss was perhaps understandable. At this time his gums were slightly redder than normal and he was very mildly underweight but otherwise well.

Tana's fantastic owner agreed to bring him back for a recheck appointment four weeks later. At this time Sarah was able to identify that he was continuing to loose weight and that his gums were the only identifiable problem.

Later that month Tana changed from being a smoochy, happy pet with a keen interest in hunting to being increasingly lethargic and picky with his food. He also became very wary of being stroked about the head and was occasionally seen twitching his neck - all subtle signs of pain. By this time he had lost 20% of his bodyweight since his check up two months ago.

Still the only issue located was reddened gum tissue. After a course of antibiotic and pain relief treatment to help him regain some weight we went ahead with a dental procedure. Tana was particularly lucky as his owners gave permission for a full set of dental xrays. This enabled us to identify seven teeth that had painful irreversible holes - four of these were completely below the gum line and out of sight.

This is a great example of the problem of just looking at mouths no matter how thoroughly! No one would have detected these painful lesions without xrays.

Tana's oral surgery went beautifully and he was sent home that afternoon as usual with great pain relief and further antibiotic medication. The amazing thing is that not only did Tana go home and eat straight away as usual but he went exploring outside at 6am the very next day for his first successful hunting mission in over two months!!

A fantastic result for a very special cat though the local insects might have to be a bit more careful now...