About Us

We feel that pet ownership is very much part of the lifestyle of the beautiful East Coast Bays region and we are proud to have been a part of that for more than thirty years.

We offer a welcoming and friendly atmosphere along with a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services. We believe that working in the Pet Health Industry is the best possible career and our dedicated and skilled team are constantly working to improve our standards of care.

East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic was one of the first Clinics to provide a Veterinary service on the North Shore. Dr Steve Gordon, the Practice owner, has been a part of the Practice since 1990. Many positive advances have occurred in Veterinary medicine over this time and East Coast Bays Vet Clinic has stayed at the cutting edge and evolved with them.

We have an amazing team of talented Veterinarians and trained Nurses that all provide a great range of skills and interests for our clients.

Our facility is modern and roomy with air conditioning throughout for client and pet comfort as well as being conveniently located with easy access and parking.

Many upgrades and renovations have occurred of recent times. One of these is our unique and relaxing garden area which acts as an extension of our waiting room on sunny days. We also have a large grassed and fenced area behind the Clinic which is great for our Puppy School and for safely exercising dogs.

Children enjoy meeting "Mr Crymble", our chilled out Clinic cat, who thinks dogs are merely part of the furniture! 

A part of our Community 

We have a long history of contributing to the welfare of pets in our community. We work closely with various welfare groups such as "Forgotten Felines", "Albany Cats", Feline Rescue", "Lonely Meow" and "GAP". Our Nurses have also given time, food and treatments to those individuals with pets in need at the Auckland City Mission.

Our Loyalty Scheme

We are one of the few Veterinary clinics to offer our clients comprehensive bonus points rewards. With points gained on almost all products and services and a year long expiry on points, this popular and generous scheme allows savings to be made on regular pet food, flea and service needs.

You are given a key tag to ensure you receive all the points available to to you and the rest is automated so you will simply be reminded to use your points when you visit us. Your points total and usage can be viewed from the pet records link on the home page of this web site. Only $5 annual membership.

You receive upto 5% in points on most purchases and each point is valued at one cent.

Reception will give you a list of the amount of points that can be put toward various products and services.

My Pets Records

There is a really cool link on the home page which gives you access to your personal records. You will need to use your email as a login which should match the email we have on file to produce the link. Your password which can be changed is initially your client number which is available by calling Reception. This area updates nightly so will be available the day after you sign up.

It provides you with direct access to alot of your visit information. You could search when you last bought a flea or worm product or perhaps check when Fluffy had her Vaccination before booking your holiday. You can even check your pets weight and produce a graph. We are also starting to provide access to laboratory results.

You will be able to check and correct your details, request an appointment or check your bonus point levels and usage.

We hope you find this new technology fun to use